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Deploy Your Ice Applications on the AWS Public Cloud

Ice for Amazon Web Services

The easiest way to deploy your Ice applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instances is by launching instances based on a ZeroC Ice AMI sold in the AWS Marketplace.

The ZeroC Ice AMIs are standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu Server AMIs with the Ice package repository preconfigured and a Commercial License for deploying Ice applications on the AWS Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to deploy Ice applications on AWS without a ZeroC Ice AMI?
Yes, of course, you can add the Ice package repository yourself to your AWS EC2 instance as described on the Ice downloads page. The ZeroC Ice AMIs use the same packages.
Do I need a Commercial License?
Please see our licensing page.
What are the terms of the Ice Commercial License included with the ZeroC Ice AMIs?
The End User License Agreement on the AWS Marketplace page for the selected AMI shows the complete terms and conditions of the applicable Ice license.
Can Ice applications outside AWS communicate with Ice applications on AWS?
Technically, Ice-based applications can communicate with other Ice-based applications over the Internet and any other public and private IP network. However, such communications may or may not be permitted by your Ice license.
The Commercial License included with the ZeroC Ice AMIs does not allow communications with applications that use Ice under GPLv2, so you need a separate Commercial License to communicate with applications outside AWS. Please contact us for more information.