About Us

Learn about the company and people behind Ice and IceRPC.

Our Mission

Our passion lies in forging the future of open-source software. Our expertise is not just in crafting software but in empowering our clients with extensive support, including comprehensive documentation, dedicated training, and robust intellectual property warranties.

Our expertise revolves around RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) and networking technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are not only cutting-edge but are also tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern distributed systems.

Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in an interconnected world, ensuring they have the best in class resources to build, deploy, and maintain world-class networked applications.

The Team

Meet the people making it all happen.


Bernard Normier



Marc Laukien

Founder and Strategist


Joe George

Senior Software Engineer


Jose Gutierrez

Senior Software Engineer


Benoit Foucher

Principal Software Engineer


Austin Henriksen

Software Engineer


Michelle George

Account Manager

Help build the future of networked software.

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