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The RPC framework
for the QUIC era

IceRPC is a new open-source RPC framework that helps you build blazing fast networked applications with very little code.

Built for QUIC

A streamlined RPC framework for the QUIC multiplexed transport

Harness the power of QUIC with IceRPC's easy-to-use API.

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Thanks to QUIC, bidirectional streaming is a breeze. Long-lasting audio/video streams or data feeds can share a network connection with small RPCs without any slowdown.

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TCP with Slic

Still too soon for QUIC? IceRPC's Slic adapter is the answer. Slic emulates QUIC over traditional duplex transports such as TCP.

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Multiplexed transport based on UDP

QUIC is a new connection-oriented transport protocol that powers the latest version of HTTP. It provides a wealth of features: multiplexing connections into independent streams, security, flow-control, connection migration, and more.

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A modular and extensible framework

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Strongly-Typed Network Calls Made Easy

Slice is a serialization format for structured data that uses a simple and familiar syntax to define your API - think Protobuf but better.

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Contract First

Design your service API in Slice, a powerful and intuitive Interface Definition Language. Then let the Slice compiler implement this API for you with IceRPC.

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Binary Encoding

Enjoy lower bandwidth and CPU usage courtesy of Slice's compact and straightforward binary format.

module StarTrek
typealias Stardate = float64
enum Rank : uint8 { Captain, Engineer, Ensign, Doctor }
struct Officer {
id: int64
name: string
rank: Rank
struct StarlogEntry { date: Stardate, entry: string }
interface Starlog {
addEntry(entry: StarlogEntry)
getEntries(startAt: Stardate?) -> Sequence<StarlogEntry>
enum SystemError {
UnknownOfficer(id: int64)
interface Starship {
engageWarpDrive(warpFactor: uint8)
getDetails() -> (name: string, registryCode: string)
getOfficer(id: int64) -> Result<Officer, SystemError>
startLongRangeScan(target: string) -> stream uint8

IceRPC + Protobuf


Full Protobuf Support

If you are already using Protobuf to exchange binary messages, IceRPC will fit right into your stack! The IceRPC + Protobuf integration implements Protobuf services with IceRPC.

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