Download Ice Touch 1.2.2

Binary Distribution for Xcode 4.5


Binary installer for Mac OS X with Xcode 4.5 on supported platforms. We recommend that you use this installer unless you want to build Ice Touch from source code. The installer provides everything you need to develop applications with Ice Touch:

  • Ice Touch run times for C++ and Objective-C
  • slice2objc and slice2cpp compilers
  • Xcode plug-in that integrates Ice Touch development with the Xcode IDE
  • SDKs for iOS, iOS simulator, Cocoa, and command-line applications
Note that this installer does not include the sample programs. You can download them separately below.

Sample Programs


The Ice Touch sample programs. Note that these files are already included in the source code distribution.

Source Distributions


The complete source code for Ice Touch. See the INSTALL file in the distribution for build and installation instructions.


Patch for the IceTouch 1.2.2 source distribution to make the binary build compatible with OS X 10.7.


The source code for the third-party software that Ice Touch depends on, including patches and build instructions. (You do not need to download this archive unless you want to build these third-party packages from source code yourself.)

Release Notes

We encourage you to read the release notes to learn about important details regarding the distribution.