Download Ice 3.7 for Python


November 6, 2023


PyPI - The Python Package Index

The PIP Python package includes the Python extension, Ice Slice files, and the Slice to Python compiler.

pip install zeroc-ice

On Linux this command will build and install the source package. On macOS and Windows it installs a pre-built wheel for the following configurations:

  • Python 3.12 arm64 and x64 on macOS
  • Python 3.12 x86 and x64 on Windows
Detailed instructions for installing Ice for Python are available here.

Linux Repositories

Amazon Linux 2 (LTS)

Configure Yum repository

x86_64 | aarch64
sudo dnf install

Install Ice for Python 3

sudo dnf install python3-zeroc-ice

Install Ice for Python 2

sudo dnf install python-zeroc-ice

Install Slice compilers

sudo dnf install ice-compilers
Detailed instructions for installing Ice on Linux are available here.


The Linux binary packages are signed with the following key: