Download Ice 3.7 for MATLAB

MATLAB Toolbox

Each MATLAB toolbox includes the Ice for MATLAB library, Ice Slice files, and the Slice to MATLAB compiler.

MATLAB Release
Download Toolbox for Linux
Download Toolbox for Windows
R2016a (version 9.0)
R2016b (version 9.1)
R2017a (version 9.2)
R2018a (version 9.4)
R2018b (version 9.5)
R2019a (version 9.6)
R2020a (version 9.8)
R2020b (version 9.9)
R2021a (version 9.10)
R2021b (version 9.11)
R2022a (version 9.12)

Development of Ice for MATLAB was sponsored by ETAS GmbH.

Detailed instructions for installing Ice for MATLAB are available here

Next Steps

Once you've successfully installed Ice for MATLAB, head over to our ice-demos repository on GitHub:

$ git clone -b 3.7