Ice Services

Ice is more than just an RPC platform. Besides fully-featured and high-performance RPC, Ice provides a number of services. These services supply functionality that most distributed applications require, such as event distribution or persistence.

Yet, implementing such services is a decidedly non-trivial exercise, in particular, if you require scalability, high performance, or fault-tolerance. (And it is even harder if you need all three.)

All Ice services scale to very large numbers of clients and servers, provide excellent performance, and can be replicated to achieve fault-tolerance and scalability. By using Ice services, you can considerably reduce development effort, while taking advantage of an industrial-strength implementation.

Ice provides the following services:

  • IceGrid: A grid computing service with features essential for large-scale applications
  • IceStorm: A sophisticated event distribution service
  • Freeze and FreezeScript: Object persistence and scripting for database migration
  • Glacier2: A firewall traversal service
  • IcePatch2: A software distribution and patching service

Please follow the above links for more detail on each service.

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