Language Support

The programming languages used in today's development projects are often determined by a number of factors, including application requirements, developer backgrounds, organizational policies, and compatibility with third-party tools. We designed Ice to be a practical distributed computing platform for real developers writing real applications. That goal drives everything we do at ZeroC, and it is the reason why Ice supports such a broad spectrum of programming languages. Whether your project uses one language or several, Ice will enable your components to communicate with each other naturally, efficiently and transparently.

The Ice API was carefully designed to conform with the standards and practices of each programming language while maintaining a consistency that minimizes the learning curve of a developer working in multiple languages. As you will see from the sample code shown on the language pages, the Ice API is easy to learn and just as easy to use.

Ice currently offers language mappings for the following programming languages:

  • C++
    The Ice language mapping for C++ combines raw speed with an elegant design that enhances productivity and virtually eliminates memory leaks. See Ice for C++ for more information on the C++ mapping and a code example.

  • C# and Visual Basic
    Windows developers can easily integrate their .NET applications with other Ice languages and platforms. See Ice for .NET for more information on our .NET implementation along with code examples in C# and Visual Basic.

  • Java
    Java's portability and wealth of tools is an attractive complement to Ice, and support for Android allows Ice applications to run on devices in Google's ecosystem. See Ice for Java for more information on the Java mapping and a code example.

  • JavaScript
    Our compact, native JavaScript implementation of the Ice run time gives web clients seamless and secure access to the back-end Ice infrastructure. With support for the WebSocket protocol standard, browser apps can leverage existing web transports and cooperate with network security policies. See Ice for JavaScript for more information on the JavaScript mapping and a code example.

  • Objective-C
    With support for the iPhone, iPod touch, Cocoa, and OS X, developers can use Ice Touch to integrate Apple's mobile devices. See Ice for Objective-C for more information on the Objective-C mapping and a code example.

  • PHP
    Dynamic web applications can extend their reach to distributed objects using Ice for PHP. See Ice for PHP for more information on the PHP mapping and a code example.

  • Python
    Ice for Python provides seamless access to Ice resources from this popular scripting language. See Ice for Python for more information on the Python mapping and a code example.

  • Ruby
    The Ruby programming language is revolutionizing the World Wide Web using the same combination of simplicity and power that has made Ice so successful. See Ice for Ruby for more information on the Ruby mapping and a code example.

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