IcePatch2 is an efficient software distribution and patching service that allows you to easily update remote application components to the latest version of your application. IcePatch2 is extremely efficient, offering transfer rates comparable to ftp, and scales to large numbers of concurrent clients.

To distribute software to clients, you set up a file system tree in the IcePatch2 server. IcePatch2 compresses all of the data files and creates checksums that are used to determine whether a client indeed requires an update when it contacts IcePatch2, and also to ensure the integrity of files.

When a client checks IcePatch2 for updates, IcePatch2 selectively delivers those files that have been changed or added to the client. (You can optionally ask for any files that are present in the client, but not in the IcePatch2 master copy, to be deleted.)

IcePatch2 is integrated with IceGrid, so you use IcePatch2 to automatically deploy software on machines that are part of the grid.

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