The Internet Communications Engine (Ice)
The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a modern object-oriented toolkit that enables you to build distributed applications with minimal effort. Ice allows you to focus your efforts on your application logic, and it takes care of all interactions with low-level network programming interfaces. With Ice, there is no need to worry about details such as opening network connections, serializing and deserializing data for network transmission, or retrying failed connection attempts (to name but a few of dozens of such low-level details).
You can choose to implement your clients and servers in different programming languages (such as C# clients and Java servers) and run these applications on your preferred platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X, etc.) With Ice, cross-language and cross-platform communication is just as simple as communication among identical systems.

More Information

Ice Overview: A high-level overview of the Ice approach and ZeroC's products

Ice Features: A description of central features of the Ice core

Ice Programming Model: An outline of the Ice development process

Ice Services: Details the infrastructure services that are provided by Ice

Languages: Supported programming languages

Platforms: Supported operating systems and compilers

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